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#1 - 2011/08/07 10:00:31 PM

The 2011 European Invitational has come to an end, but what an exciting end it was. We now know who will be travelling to BlizzCon to compete in the event there, and they all thoroughly deserve it.

Firstly, WoW team Showtime pulled out all the stops and defeated the finalists from the Consolation Bracket, DNAW Trio. The runners up fought valiantly, making Showtime work hard for their victory. They managed to win a match, making the score 2:1 to Showtime, but were beaten in the following game. Both teams will get to take part in the Global Invitational during BlizzCon in October.



In StarCraft II, Tarson went up against Naniwa in the Consolation Bracket and was defeated 0:2. Naniwa went on to play against Thorzain, who was previously beaten by Ret in the Championship Bracket. Naniwa also walked away from that match with a 2:1 victory, and entry into the Grand Final.

Both Ret and Naniwa seemed icy cool as they began the Grand Final match, each walking on stage to a rapturous reception. However, Ret won the first match after catching Naniwa off-guard. The second match was over even quicker, as Naniwa tried a new tactic which, sadly, just didn’t pay off. Ret hardly seemed to break a sweat as he won the Grand Final 2:0.



As with the WoW finalists, both Ret and Naniwa will take part in the Global Invitational at BlizzCon. We’ll see you there!

Don't forget to catch up on the replays, match brackets and more over on the official 2011 European Invitational site.