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#1 - 2011/08/07 12:39:54 AM

There were plenty of shockers, and even a few tears towards the end, but we’ve successfully wrapped up day one of the 2011 European Invitational.

After a slight delay, the matches finally kicked off at around 2pm. Naniwa and Strelok had a close round, which eventually swung in Naniwa’s favour. Ret and Tarson had a tense battle too, ending with Ret claiming the victory.

There were more than a few sad-faced fans when White-Ra went out 0:2 against Thorzain in the first round, and then landed another disappointing score against Nerchio in the Consolation Bracket. This must’ve been a relief for those cheering on Nerchio, though, after he lost his first round against Socke 0:2. Following his defeat at the hands of Ret in the Championship Bracket, Tarson reclaimed some ground by beating Strelok 2:0 in the Consolation Bracket.



Round 2 seemed nice and easy for Thorzain, who managed to win two games straight up against Socke. He’ll now face Ret in Round 3 tomorrow, who narrowly came out on top over Naniwa 2:1. In the Consolation Bracket, Tarson beat Socke 2:1, and Nerchio went down against Naniwa, meaning Round 3 will see Naniwa facing Tarson for a chance in the final.

There were some clear victories early on in the Warcraft Brackets, as both Colgate and Showtime scored 3:0 against their respective opponents; I can’t believe it’s not Wizard and x6tence. The losing teams faced each other in the Consolation Brackets, which saw x6tence walk away with the lead after a 3:0 win. Showtime won out over Colgate with a 3:1 score on Round 2 of the Championship Bracket.



Both Surprise Effect and Victornox went through to Round 2 after winning their Round 1 matches against DNAW Trio and Feeling Mad. The ensuing battle between the winning teams was close, finally seeing Victorinox take the lead 3:2 in Round 2. DNAW Trio and Feeling Mad faced each other in the Consolation Bracket, resulting in a 3:1 score to DNAW Trio.

You can visit the official 2011 European Invitational site now to see the ladders, replays of the matches and more, and don't miss out on day two of the event, kicking off around 12pm CEST on Sunday, 7 August!