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#0 - 2010/04/11 11:08:50 PM
designers. Your curent ones suck and have no idea what they are doing. Just post the PvP kill stats

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#5 - 2010/04/12 12:07:21 AM
I know there are some virtually lawless places on the internet where you get to say whatever you want. This is not one of them.

Feel free to bring up legit concerns that you have. Even pretty harsh criticism isn't going to bother us. But if the whole content of your post is just to insult the people whose forum this is, especially without offering anything remotely constructive in the way of feedback, then you will be permanently banned from posting again.

It's not that we have thin skin. Believe me, you don't last long in this business if you do. But posts like this are childish and they can have a chilling effect on the quality of posts overall. Smart players see useless, ranty tirades and figure that's what these forums are about and move on.

Sorry I had to make a post that had nothing to do with class design. It just seems like sometimes people need a reminder. :(