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#0 - 2007/11/15 04:42:14 PM
Just so everyone aware, there were 2 bug fixes that didn't make it into the release patch notes, but will be added into the bug fix listing on the Web version of the patch notes.
Here are the relevant notes:

  • Fixed a bug in which Hunters were able to disengage from combat using Feign Death during boss encounters.

  • Fixed a bug in which Hunters were able to use Readiness in conjunction with Freezing Trap on two different targets.

Note that the former should only apply for when you are engaged in a boss fight and shouldn't affect trash mobs.

For the latter, being able to double-trap was not intended to happen so the bug has been corrected. As always though, constructive feedback on changes is always welcome. What should happen if you trap another target, is that the first trap should release much like what happens when a priest shackles Undead or a mage polymorphs a target.