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#0 - 2007/03/31 12:25:17 PM
Hello fellow hunters i have been working on a database the last week and its nearing completion so i am going to release it to the public. So far i have made it in excel 2007 and it includes all lvl 70 blue/epic drops for hunters and some basic combat ratings information. Looking to include in later version: loot sorted by dungeons, pet listing (abilities/location to get them) and keep it updated with new released contents.

Would really love any kind of feedback/suggestions so i can improve it even further.

Well here is the link to both versions:
2003 or lower excel: hunter database 2003 (version 2.3);7680154;/fileinfo.html

2007 excel: hunter database (version 2.3);7680072;/fileinfo.html

Google Spreadsheet (version 2.3)

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#61 - 2007/07/27 03:46:26 PM
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