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#1 - 2007/09/08 12:49:51 AM
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I`ve noticed that it doesn`t matter how long you play wow....i know loads of nolifers with amazing gear but they don`t have brains/skill/timing and etc(they are usualy stuck under 1600 in 2/2)...But i know players who hited 70lvl 3-4 weeks ago/play wow 3 hours a day and got 1700-1900 ratings with crap blue gear.
I`ve noticed one more interesting thing-i got many friends and those who do well in such games like football/basketball;who have fast brain and can pass exams nearly without preparing to them...when they come to wow they become ``pro`` in a month.(have only 2 such friends).
But other casual ppl(about 90%)are common in real life-they aren`t stupid or clever;they rarely have their own opinion;they are just slow....if they come to wow-it will be a pernament nab.And these 90% don`t understand that they just SUCK....they have 2 ideas why can`t they get a high arena rating or beat a good player in duel:
1.I`m uberskilled but rogues are nerfed to death!it is a dead class!...just watch world of roguecraft-they laugh at such ppl there.
2.Only a nolifer can have a high rating and so good skills!...even if you will play wow whole life 24/7-nothing will change.I can play wow only 2-3 hours a day and my arena mate is pve priest and our ratings aren`t bad(1800-1900).I got a friend rogue which hited 70 3 weeks ago-his rating is same as mine....but i know players who play from beta-and they suck.

And one more thing....just notice that good rogues never moan.I`ve never seen a 2k rating rogue complaining:``oh noes!warr owns us!critters own us!nerf critters!

i`ve posted it cos i`m tired of crying casuals in wow and in real life.In real life such ppl suck as well and cry:``oh noes!study at univercity is too hard!oh noes!i can become a sportsman only if i eat steroids!oh noes!My classmate beats me!nerf him!oh noes!i`m a stupid clone!buff me!
it is fact.

I actually have to agree with you on this one, accept for the world of roguecraft part, it's a nice video but it's extremely out of date, and should not be taken as fact.

you could of reduced that whole post to this setence though:

"time played is not the deciding factor on a person's skill"

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#140 - 2007/09/10 03:31:30 PM
I can't really argue with the logic here:

"Intelligent players make for intelligent players"

However the phrasing is openly offensive to any player who considers himself 'Casual'.
Also, this has no place on the rogue forum.