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#1 - 2011/07/22 09:35:00 PM
Hey Zarhym,
With this post i wanted to point about the strong points about ferals and their little weaknesses, so the developers and you can see why they are so strong at the moment.

Instant CC:
I'd say that this is one of the strongest issues that many people are experiencing with ferals, because their utility and damage are way too strong. I'm not saying "nerf cyclone", because that would completely annihilate Restoration druids (which are already really weak in PvP).
My suggestion to change this without changing much PvE would be changing Predatory strikes and put something along the lines of "Cannot trigger more than once in X seconds".

-Feral druids are usually paired with classes that can give them mobility and if the ferals have any sort of up time for more than 4 seconds on the target, you can pretty much be certain that you will need to use a lot of cool-downs to counter it.

- The combined damage of bleeds and direct damage is way too much for PvP. I currently have ~3800 resilience and the average feral with full pvp gear and maybe 1 PvE trinket (Unheeded Warning seems to be the choice for ferals for alot of dmg) is 12k periodic damage from bleeds along with 19-23k shreds and 30-34k Ferocious Bites.

Mobility as the class itself is pretty decent at the moment, but many feral druids can argue that they can't move freely by themselves (that's why a lot of feral druids pair up with classes that give them more mobility ie: Hand of Freedom, double defensive priest dispel)

In my opinion , as a 2800 player and a multi gladiator on several classes is that Feral druids need a Change. How can we change ferals? it's up to you guys. I gave some suggestions but if they remain untouched, Feral will be the pvp spec to go for ALL druids (since Balance and Restoration are somewhat worthless at the moment)

Thanks in advance for reading my thread and i'm looking forward for a Blue response.

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#22 - 2011/07/22 10:14:00 PM
Thanks for taking time to break your feedback down, Hotted. We're keeping a close eye on Feral in PvP and understand the concern. Things currently on our radar include the Berserk duration, the Unheeded Warning trinket, and the Predatory Swiftness talent.

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#140 - 2011/07/22 11:45:00 PM
Let's please not devolve too much into a discussion of "get your PvE/PvP balance out of my PvP/PvE game!" It's just not beneficial to anyone.

That said, we're happy with Feral performance in PvE overall. It we were to nerf Predatory Swiftness, it'd have a minor impact on PvE. Unheeded Warning is both a PvE and PvP problem. The particular mechanics of the trinket keep it disproportionately powerful for Feral druids. Nerfing Berserk would have PvE ramifications, but we'll take steps overall to make sure your dps doesn’t drop in PvE. We do everything we can to ensure we're considering all aspects of gameplay when approaching class balance.