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#0 - 2007/09/27 01:29:51 PM
Here is a small list of some of the changes to Professions that are expected to be implemented in the next content patch:

  • Enchanting:
    • Duration of wizard and mana oils created by enchanters has been increased.

  • Fishing:
    • Fishermen and women can now track fishing nodes. This ability is learned from a journal sometimes found in crates obtained through fishing.
    • A new recipe for Skullfish Soup will allow cooks to create a mana regenerative consumable with a ‘well-fed’ buff that requires one of the new types of fish found near Karazhan and Zul’Aman.

  • Engineering:
    • Plans for a new Field Repair Bot are rumored to belong to a select few Gan'arg Analyzers in Blade's Edge Mountains.
    • New engineer-only flying mounts can be crafted and flown by high level engineers in both non-epic and epic versions.

  • Field Repair bot will sell items: The repair bot will sell all reagents, level 65 arrows and bullets, poison reagents, few types of vials, up to 2 super mana/healing potions, and maybe some scrolls. These are all for sale, with no rep discount, because he’s a robot.

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#24 - 2007/09/28 10:48:59 AM
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