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#1 - 2011/07/16 09:06:00 PM
Community question from a concerned player:

From what i read warlocks have always been one of the least played class, but in cata only like 2% of wows population plays them i hear.

I was wondering why people don't like playing, or have decided against playing one. What is your personal reason for not playing one?

What is so horrible and repulsive that only (assuming this is correct) 2% of wows population enjoys playing warlocks.

As a warlock, i assure you i won't get insulted at any HONESTanswers to this question.

Draxxarri's (blue) response:

Warlocks are not the least played class.

A thread 26 pages long, and this was all a blue could muster up in response to the numerous issues mentioned, a 100% worthless one sentence response? This is a perfect example of how disrespectful each and every one of the blues are towards locks You make an absolutely pointless comment and then crawl back into your shadows again when you get called out by people who know you are full of it.

There are posts all over the warlock forums asking about where we are. People will play tons of BG's and see almost no warlocks. People will have a very difficult time finding warlocks for raiding guilds, at least finding the ones who can push the great dps they all hear about. We get funneled down to being great in 3's and weak in everything else. So as far as PVP and raiding goes, yes we are undoubtedly the most underplayed class and there is a clear reason. If blues are looking at numbers that show otherwise, your numbers are wrong. Honestly I think you are well aware of that though and are simply trying to cover up an issue to keep from having to address it.

Most people simply feel the effort isn't worth the reward with locks. I mean I can dps on my DK and literally roll my fingers haphazardly across a few keys and do great dps. With my mage, same thing. However with my lock, sure my dps is very competitive, but I need to be 100% focused and have every single key out of a very long list down pat to do so. You can faceroll with several classes nowadays and do great dps (DK's, hunters, mages, just to name the ones I'm familiar with). However with lock rotation, mess up even a little and your dps suffers significantly. So sure, maybe overall locks aren't the least played class, simply because I could see some people leveling them up because of seeing meters (which are VERY misleading by the way). However, I can assure you once they get them to 85, very few people actually stick with them after they see how hard they have to work to achieve numbers that other classes can keep up with while making far less effort. From our perspective, it is very clear why locks are so underplayed and it shows whether you want to acknowledge that or not.

To ignore lock issues just hurts your customer base, and I fail to see how you blow them off with your worthless comment when clearly your subscription numbers are suffering cause of issues like this. You can't blow us off anymore because people have another alternative, which is quickly catching up to you guys. Though that competitor has a long way to go, their numbers are quickly rising and yours have been steadily dropping since shortly after the release of cataclysm. Oh, and that you can't lie about because we have very clear numbers indicating that decline. You can make up whatever you want, we know the truth and if you try to lie I would be more than happy to call you out by linking data that backs this fact.

I see other classes being addressed all the time, both in development and in the forums. Locks are literally the one and only class that I see consistently get ignored by dev and blues. Your one sentence response was a complete slap in the warlock communities face. So, why don't you be a real man, step up, and actually address our very legitimate concerns we have which ARE making locks the most underplayed class currently, contrary to your claim.

I'm placing my bets that most likely blues will ignore this or lock it as it's typically what they do in regards to anything about warlocks calling them out. I wanted to at least post this and expose it to at least a good handful more people to show the community here how negligent and disrespectful blizz's staff is being of locks issues.

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#78 - 2011/07/17 06:00:00 PM
You're welcome to create a thread dedicated to constructively discussing how you would like to see the Warlock class improved; however, feedback on members of the World of Warcraft Community Team would be better sent to