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#1 - 2011/07/14 09:28:00 PM
wtb help. this is ludicrous. absolutely ludicrous.

blasts for 15-20k.
purge/windshear wont cover every cd though and they eat mana. wtb spell steal. this has to be a JOKE AS A MAGE. A JOKE.
healing surge costs a lot and its the only viable way to get a heal off against this.
adds arent bad but the nova hits hard and a counterspell? really. die. the best ive done is to about 1 million hp left and im oom way before that. potting. hell i have my flask on from the night befores raid.

blah blah i realize its legendary but you -cant- do this as elemental. can NOT. my gear isnt -the- best but its not horrid by any means. using em/both totem pets on adds to buy time. no luck. even watershield. hell im usually glyphed for stoneclaw, still am for this.

u mad bro? ya.. ya i am. YOU MIGHT WANT TO TRY QUESTS AS ALL CLASSES BEFORE YOU LET THINGS GO LIVE. & the 1% aura from her. really? haaaaahaha. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahah. u bad.

if theres something im missing, please calll me out anyone/blizzard. call me horrible if im overlooking something. thanks.

wtb blue response. please.

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#22 - 2011/07/14 11:15:00 PM
While yes the quest is definitely meant to be very difficult it shouldn't be hypothetically impossible for any class.

If you could provide a video that would give us more insight into what the stumbling block is.