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#0 - 2009/11/14 01:11:55 PM

Equip: Increases spell power by 179.
Equip: Each time your spells heal a target you have a chance to cause another nearby friendly target to be instantly healed for 5550 to 6450.

More spellpower than Solace, and if you're not running oom, then it has a nice throughput equip. Assuming it has a 45 second ICD and that the proc doesn't scale with spellpower, then it'll probably have an average heal of about 6k, which, once every 45 seconds gives us 133.3 hps.

I'll be looking forward to seeing how the proc performs in action though. If it can proc and completely overheal wasting the ICD or something like that. Or just how useful the random heal is in general. It should at least be more interesting, and since I'm not running ToGC 25, I may finally replace my Illustration.

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#12 - 2009/11/15 01:08:01 AM
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I find it amusing it's a healer trinket given who it's named after but I'm happy about it nontheless. :)

When you consider Angelista has caster cloth, a tanking ring and an armor pen ring, you're in good company. :)