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#1 - 2011/07/10 05:05:00 PM
Checking on Wowheros progression it seems most raids who are killing these bosses are 372 heroic geared groups. My raid dps avg's around 12-16k, with a few people dipping down to 11-12k on high movement fights, 3 healers ranging 9-11k hps. We just do not seem to be making any progress, close to 30 pulls on beth already and only seen 2nd phase once. tried many combinations of dps up down all around.

I think as a casual guild, we are wasting out time being in firelands and and should just go gear alts or work on heroic cata raid bosses.

thanks for constructive opinions

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#62 - 2011/07/12 01:23:00 AM
This is a great post (below). I think it demonstrates a philosophy around which we somewhat design dungeon & raid content. The mentality around wiping on bosses (even in five-player dungeons) seems to have shifted much more toward impatience over the years -- trying to kill a boss and failing seems to feel too inefficient for a lot of people. The fact of the matter is though that the best way to know, and be prepared for new content is to try it out. Direct trial and error on a boss is going to yield far better performance results for players in the long run than any other method of attempted progression. It's also going to feel much more like progression when you're in the trenches learning from mistakes, figuring out the mechanics, and finding ways to maximize your role in the group.

Mr. Waste, your post is far from it in my book. ;)

Let me ask you a simple question. For a non-elite raider - a "normal mode" guy like me, which of the following do you think would provide the single largest dps increase* on Beth'ilac:

(a) An upgrade of my helm, from i359 to i378;
(b) Pre-potting on the pull;
(c) Studing EJ for an hour;
(d) Moving a talent point;
(e) Fighting the practice dummy for 30 minutes; or
(f) Pulling Beth'ilac 10 times.

The answer is (f). But many, many, many players obsess about the first four things, and get insanely impatient with simple practice. They'll grind Fireland dailies ruthlessly, imagining how awesome they are going to be when they get one more item in a month. But it won't matter nearly as much as just having a good solid wipe night without getting all bent out of shape.