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#1 - 2011/07/05 04:30:00 PM
...has a horrible and annoying gun sound that shouldn't be there. At all. Ever.

This topic may have already been touched on, but that's fine. I am not on the forums often and don't feel like searching.

BUT--I would love, oh please Blizzard, to have the normal crossbow sound applied to this weapon...pretty please??

Yes, to those of you who will toss this at me, I know I could turn game sounds off. But, I prefer them on because all other sounds are quite acceptable. Except certain people on vent. Anyhow, I simply would like my weapon to sound like what it should sound like!

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#10 - 2011/07/05 10:55:00 PM
This is a known issue for which we have a fix. The crossbow shouldn't sound like a gun. 'Cause that'd be silly.

Updating sound files requires a client-side patch, so unfortunately this cannot be addressed via a hotfix.