Regional FlagY do wariors get free talent in exp?Source
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#0 - 2006/09/04 07:04:27 PM
Ur TM was moved from tier 2 to 1
so U got 5 free talents points

blizard fix this in exp move it down 2 tier 2 warior r alredy 2 gud y do they get 5 free talent in exp and mages get 0?

mage alredy got no chance vs warior bcos U just spam spel reflects and intercepts and 2shot our toilet papers armor plz move it down a tier blizz not only warior play this game leave it wear it is now but make it tier 2 and get rid of warior trincket that break frost nova the mage comunity is up in arms over all the buffs U gave wariors and U just nerf us mages every day since release

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#43 - 2006/09/05 09:31:11 AM
Locking this thread as it serves no purpose but to annoy those who play warriors.