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#1 - 2011/07/02 11:18:00 AM
So in the past two hours i have ran about 7 or 8 random bg's and am noticing about a third of the players in teh bg are botting is any one else noticing this?

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#20 - 2011/07/03 06:53:00 PM
Heya Maturebayter,
07/02/2011 11:03 AMPosted by Khronuslight
the best way to report them is to right click on their name and select report afk. If enough people do it their account will be disciplined. They may not be removed from the current BG but all that information is going to get sent to Blizzard and they've already said they're taking a strong stance on it.
▲▲ This is highly important, all information is investigated even if the player is not removed right away.

07/02/2011 08:40 PMPosted by Shockblocked
t's been 5 years of blizzard working on the botting problem but you may be right that they have only spent a couple of hours actually trying to do something about it over the past 5 years.
Hmmm, unfortunately, you have no idea how incorrect this statement is.