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#0 - 2007/02/19 04:38:19 AM

Ok, now im the first to agree, leveling to 70 was aweful, pvp along the way was a joke, and even at 70 it was pretty dismal. So i farmed my ass off and got good blues.. which made very little difference. This made me very angry, as im sure alot of you also feel... As a last ditch attempt i decided to power-level blacksmithing and i spent *all* my gold i had accumulated whilst leveling (about 1.5k) on Thunder.

Now im not saying this is the answer to all our problems... but man.... before hand i would literally fear every single class in the game in a pvp encounter. I remember even trying to gank a lvl 65 lock and being taken from 9k to 260hp. But now, that feeling has totally gone. Its *insane* the difference this weapon makes. I now actively search people out in world pvp because im very confident of beating anyone i come accross... except a totally pro frost mage, or a shadow priest. (if your lucky and get the drop on the frost mage, you can smash it in to the ground so fast its not even funny...)

I know not everyone has the time or the gold to get one of the blacksmithing weapons... but to me, it feels as if im fixed. Its wrong we need to blow our load to become normal again, but i cannot stress enough the difference its made. Anyone who is frustrated with auto attacking for less than a renew heals, go get one.

(granted... some classes are still stupid... i wont even talk about druids in arenas... the anger is too much)

(note: i have 20% crit... and grinding mobs it feels like 20%...but in arenas or world pvp against other players it feels much more. Is this just my imagination or some crit % factor calculated differently in pvp?)

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#25 - 2007/02/19 09:29:15 AM
It's a very nice mace, congratulations :)

Have you (or anyone else) tried some arenas with it yet? If so, how is it working out?