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#1 - 2011/06/29 05:54:00 PM
Few days ago i made a ticket asking GM if there will be chance to get 2nd tier weapons even after the s9 ends and if i should save my conquest points (i've bene missing 9 to get 2nd tier pvp weapon) and as you can see on armory i really could use those points to get other items.

He responded me the points will remain after the season ends for one week and i will be able to get my 2nd weapon if i get enough points (by doing daily battlegrounds), so i didnt buy anything and waited for wednesday in hope to finally get some good weapon.

But as you can see the vendors with 2nd tier gear are removed and all my conquest got convert into honor points so all i can get is rest of the vicious set
So thats what you get if you trust to Game masters who are paid for game "knowledge".

If he didn't say hes 100% sure ill be able to get those, i would have bought atleast 2nd tier offhand and wand which are also not obtainable anymore.

So then i made another ticket asking blizzard to take responsibility for the misguide they made and i asked them to remove the price of atleast 2nd tier offhand and wand and give me them so it will be exactly the same as if i bought then yesterday.
but all i got as answer was Ctrl+C Ctrl+V about the conquest point change from patch notes which the first game master didn't mention at all, and he actually didn't know the conquest points will be converted into honor on patch release.

so do you think blizzard should give me some compensation for misguide by they employee or i should just get over it and never ever trust a game master anymore because they have no idea what they got paid for ?

and for people who are about to say "read patch notes next time" :
Blizzard actually never said the conquest points and pvp vendors will be removed on patch release but they said those changes will be done when season begins (and as far as i know the season didnt start yet).

no TL:DR for ya .. just don't read it if you don't want to

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#11 - 2011/07/01 03:23:00 PM
Hi there, Bublex.

We have an avenue of support for exactly this sort of situation. If you email and explain the situation (just as you have in your post), a senior member of staff will take a look at the case.

I can't guarantee you that the outcome will change (i.e., you might not receive any sort of compensation or items), but if a mistake was made your feedback will allow us to deal with it.

I hope that helps.