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#0 - 2007/10/04 01:12:40 PM
Ive been reading some proposed changes to warriors in the 2.3 patch:

What i would like to give feedback on, and i hope some other warriors here would like to comment on too is this:

Q u o t e:
Tactical Mastery: Now greatly increases threat generated by Mortal Strike and Bloodthirst while in Defensive Stance, in addition to current effect

Now the idea behind this talent is great, its just that the talent is in the wrong place.
Arms/fury warriors generally dont put points in the prot tree simply because we dont have any talent points to spare.
Usual builds for arms/fury are:

33/28/0 with either Blood Frenzy or Second wind depending on pve or pvp preferance, or 31/30/0 which is kind of in between


None of these builds can afford to spend 3 points in prot. The cost on dps and utility (like Blood Frenzy or Second wind) is simply too high and would gimp us in our primary function for a slight increase in tanking viability.

What to do?

Include this talent yes, but put it in with either Improved Heroic Strike or Improved Thunder Clap instead.
These are tanking related and can be picked up without having to put points in prot and gimping ourselves.

Please give feedback here if you agree/disagree, its important to get a message to the devs before its too late.

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#5 - 2007/10/04 04:47:20 PM
I think Eggy said it pretty well.

I look at it like this: we took a talent that was very desirable to Fury and Arms warriors, but not quite desirable enough for them to take, made it more desirable and gave it a reason to be in the Protection tree.

Stance dancing always has been important to PvE and will become more so for Alliance players with the change to Fear Ward so while the talent is very useful in PvP I think it's wrong to call it a PvP talent per se.

Bear in mind though that none of these changes are set in stone and we will want to see how everything pans out on the PTR before any changes go live, but personally, I think it would be nice to see a bit more experimentation and variety in PvP builds.

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#54 - 2007/10/05 03:27:51 PM
Looks like I stirred up a bit of rage here.

Firstly, I'd like to point out Myrr, there's no way you can say this isn't a buff. It's an increase of something without any detrimental effect - it's not a nerf, it's not leaving it the same, it is the very essence of buffdom. It may not be a good buff, but it is a buff none the less.

I know Protection warriors aren't taking tactical mastery. But stance dancing is still used in PvE so this talent is still of use in PvE to other specs when tanking, it's not a PvE talent, but is not wholly (i.e. per se) a PvP talent either.

Now, as a couple of people have said here, it will help people who do not have a protection spec to tank a little more effectively in PvE.

Not all changes in 2.3 have been announced yet, and as I said before, nothing is live until it's live. We want people to play around with these changes on the PTR and judge the differences for themselves.