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#1 - 2010/11/17 08:18:00 PM

so as I said in the title, I am having trouble patching. I have downloaded past the setup stage and I am now at the available stage, and I keep getting this message when it tries to patch (whenever I open the launcher). I have Googled it and absolutely nothing worked for me. I am on Mac. I would really like to play again, hopefully soon.


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#40 - 2011/06/30 07:36:00 AM
Hi there,

If you're getting the updater failing, you can try to re-download any potentially damaged data by going to your Updates directory, and deleting the file wow-0-14333-Win-final.MPQ

You may also need to go into your WTF folder and delete the too, then try the game again

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#45 - 2011/07/01 09:15:00 AM
Please do not resurrect old threads. If you have an issue please open your own thread and describe it in detail so we can attempt to assist.