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#0 - 2007/09/25 09:58:08 PM
EDIT: Since it is obvious that people post without reading the whole topic, here's what I've been posting...

1. Warlocks are impossible to beat at lvl 4X, I stand NO chance as after a fight they are still on full health.

2. I'm not calling for a nerf as it is highly unlikely that Blizzard would do ANYTHING about this.

3. To some people, levelling from 1-70 is the most important part of WoW, not endgame PVP or raids. So stop assuming that you are superior because you are level 70 and only level 70 arena matters, as this is completely subjective... not a fact as some people are trying to say.

4. To the people telling me level up and I'm losing to locks because i don't have X move yet, at the same level, shouldn't we have roughly the same quality of moves? For example, yes I could get X move at X level, but a lock could also get a new move to counter that at X level.

5. Why can't you just admit, like some sensible warlocks who have posted in this that YOU ARE OVERPOWERED pre-70? Or if you don't like the term "overpowered" how about has an "advantage" of some sort against other classes 1v1?

6. For the people screaming l2p, please get a level 4X warrior and duel a 4X lock with equal gear and tell me how well you did, assuming the warlock doesn't play like a complete retard.

Thanks to those who remember levelling from 1-70 and know what I'm talking about...

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#117 - 2007/09/27 09:30:55 AM
I fail to see the point in this thread, all it's really doing is getting warlocks riled up.

Warlocks might be powerful at levels 40-49, honestly, I can't remember the last time I fought one in that range so I can't be sure, but I do recall that Rogues are almost unbeatable at level 1. Different levels, different balance, I think direct balancing across every level range is a bit of a tall order, we have enough trouble just at 70.

You say you don't want or expect any change, that you're not "calling for a nerf", but you are asking warlocks to say 'we need a nerf pre-70'? That's still nerf calling sorry.

If you were actually looking for some advice on how to combat warlocks at that level then it might be a good idea to talk about what spells the warlock uses and what you do to try to counter them, but I guess you've already given up the fight.