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#1 - 2011/06/25 05:58:00 PM
Hey im having some trouble with my latop, while playing wow if i have itunes open in the background after a while, my laptop will instantly turn off. As if there were a powercut or something.

I have ran wow with nothing else going on and it works fine. when running itunes in the background i have stoped all other non necessary processes to easy the load on my cpu. but it still happens

any thought???

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#30 - 2011/06/27 12:45:00 PM

25/06/2011 21:25Posted by Döödle
thanks for the help guys :) gave the ghostbusters a call and they hooked me up with this cooling thing, as it was due to over heating

Glad to know it's working fine again. You could also try and limit the number of frames per second the game renders by typing the following command in the in-game Chat window:

/console maxfps 30