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#0 - 2007/09/28 09:14:43 PM
Basic Elemental PvE & PvP guide by Solemn

So I saw that there were like ZERO guides, for the shaman’s elemental tree on the forums, so I thought – “Well, I’ve been playing elemental for so long, both PvE and PvP, so why not?”
This guide is aimed to help newcomers and to give you a view of how it’s like to play as an Elemental Shaman, in most aspects of the game, to do so I had to steal The Great Wall of China and write in the guide there, that consists of 2.725 words, so you have been warned :)

Ok I’m 70 – now which stats should I aim for PvE wise?

If you just respecced and got absolute nothing except for the greens and BoE blues on AH… This is my advice for what you should aim for:

    *… of the Invoker and Sorcerer items. Generally +spell crit and spell damage. To advance from this, I worked on getting all my heroic keys and from that I got a lot of set pieces of Tidefury, your dungeon set, which gives you a good amount of crit and spell dmg. And remember – cloth does NOT gimp your dps, use it if you like, I did.
    (Some might prefer NOT to look like a weakling in a dress, but to be honest. It’s only about the looks. If the stats are great for you, don’t hesitate just because you loose some armor, any improvement in the beginning is still an improvement, just don’t ninja anything other clothies can use of course.)

    *Stamina: 7000-8000 hp is what I call “decent” for PvE. Your not as squishy as most think, unless you for some unreasonable reasons think you can mass AoE grind. Short: Stamina is not a huge must.

    *Intellect: 8000-9000 mana is what I call “decent” for PvE. Intellect is an important fact in all situations and you should definitely aim for a lot of this to boost your crit, expand your mana pool and less downtime.

    *Spell Damage: I had like 350 or so when I dinged 70. This is decent and a little less than normal when you reach 70. Let me give you some examples of what I think you need for the different instances. I recommend everything above:
    400 Spell Damage for normal 70 instances.
    500 for Black Morass event (As an add dealer).
    Approximately 700 Spell Damage for Karazhan and Heroic instances.
    900+ Spell damage for the T5 instances.
    +Nature damage also works in PvE – this will boost your bolt damage slightly compared to normal spell damage.

    *Spell Crit%: Is one of your most vital stats, approximately 20% is a good and reasonable amount to get with full blues. This means you got 30% crit chance on Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning due to your talents.

    *Spirit/MP5: It’s ok to give this a boost if you want to last in longer boss fights, but you should wait with this till you progress further than Karazhan. Any improvement here helps you a lot.

Recommended talent builds for PvE check out:
My raid build: (Tweak it as you like)

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#14 - 2007/10/01 01:43:23 PM
I have added this to the Informative and useful Shaman threads sticky thread:

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#24 - 2007/12/12 03:30:25 PM
An updated version of this guide can be found here: