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#1 - 2011/06/14 05:23:00 PM
For the most part I have searched looking for any answers on the "proc" of this Legendary. And I am yet to see any Blue really tell how it works.

A Theory that has been said was that it will "COPY" a spell that you CAST. If by that, does Blizzard intend it to completely COPY or will it Mimic the last Damage done as a Proc.

(My Main spec is Shadow - Regardless what gear/spec I am in)

Example 1:
- Mind Spike does 10,000 damage to Halfus.
- Wrath of Tarecgosa hit Halfus for 10,000.

Question A: Will the damage be the same. OR work like in a Range, based on Spell power, INT, ETC.

Example 2:
- Protector Casts Vampiric Touch
- Vampiric Touch deal 2,000 damage to Halfus.

What would happen if the proc occured?

A) - Wrath of Tarecgosa was applied to Halfus. (Form of Vampiric Touch)
B) - Wrath of Tarecgosa hits Halfus for 2,000. (and then returns to a Internal Cooldown Timer)
C) - Wrath of Tarecgosa doesn't affect DoT's.

I am just curious, as much as the effect looks good, for classes that rely heavily on DoT's for most of their damage, Locks and SPriest. Is this going to even be worth going for. Or will it be more of a DD Legendary.

And also, as I think of it, How will Mind Flay work? (Strikes an idea, Dual Channeling Mind Flays! BEHOLD MY POWAH!)

Please keep this somewhat serious. 4.2 may just be next Tuesday (Just a guess).

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#15 - 2011/06/14 07:00:00 PM
Dragonwrath is designed to be DOT-friendly. Simply put, it has a chance to copy each tick of a DOT spell. There is no internal cooldown, since we want it to be good for warlocks and Shadow priests.

Furthermore, the proc chance is adjusted favorably for pet specs that derive a significant portion of their DPS from pets.

Our goal is to tune Dragonwrath in such a way that you can give it to any caster without anticipating certain classes or specs getting a bigger benefit than others.