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#0 - 2008/02/28 10:23:40 PM
**I haven't constructed this gear guide by myself, only edited and updated slightly, original post can be found at**

Last Updated 2/1/2008

Latest Update:

Fixed spell crit on Stormsong Kilt (Thanks Swagger)
Fixed spell damage on Boots of Foretelling (Thanks Voranaku)

To do: Redo the ranking calculations (see Resto thread for details). This will allow you to compare shields to staffs to off-hands, etc.

This is the new home of the Elemental Gear guide for shaman. After 57,000 views and countless requests for stickies, the post reached its maximum number of allowed replies. The original thread can be found here:

As a reminder, this is a guide for PVE raiding. Therefore, spell damage and spell crit are the most prized stats. Shaman, like all casters, are capped at 16% spell hit. However, unlike most classes, shamans can get 9% spell hit from talents alone. And our Totem of Wrath gives us another 3% spell hit -- meaning you need only 51spell hit rating (4%) from gear. Please note that the passive racial ability of Draenei (Inspiring Presence) means they need only 38 spell hit rating (3%) from gear.

In ranking items, the assumption is that you are already hit capped and the +spell hit on the weapon will not boost your DPS. If you are not hit capped, give those items more weight. The rankings also assume you are casting Lightning Boltx3 and then Chain Lightning (This is the best rotation assuming you dont have any haste). The rankings are also based on a shaman with roughly 1,000 spell damage and a crit rate of 30%, including talents.

Patch 2.3 has in some cases made healing gear better than straight DPS gear. This usually occurs when you compare a healing shield from the Black Temple to what is available to Kara. This is especially true when the healing item can be socketed with DPS gems.

The initial rank of the item is EXCLUDING set bonuses. Beneath the name of the item you can find what its ranking would be with set bonuses. The value of the set bonus is divided by the number of items needed to achieve that bonus.

The following set bonus values are courtesy of Binkerani of Blackrock.
Tier 4 two-piece bonus: 20 spell damage
Tier 4 four-piece bonus: 73 mp5
Tier 5 two-piece bonus: 0
Tier 5 four-piece bonus: 25 mp5
Tier 6 two-piece bonus: 45 spell damage, 35 crit rating and 15 mp5
Tier 6 four-piece bonus: +5% damage to lightening bolts (not sure how to mathematically calculate this)

Here is the weight given to various stats. These are my own values.
Stam 0.25
Int 0.40
Spirit 0.045
Spell Damage 1.2
Crit Rating 0.9
Hit Rating 0.0
mp5 0.75
Haste 0.75

For the more advanced theory crafters, I highly recommend ShamStats by Binkenstein. This is your most accurate source of information since you can customize it depending on talents, existing gear and spell rotations. It can be found at:

There is also an excellent thread on Elemental Shaman at Elitist Jerks:

My guide to healing gear can be found here:

Meta Socket: Chaotic Skyfire Diamond (+12 Spell Critical & 3% Increased Critical Damage)
Requires at least two blue gems (Prior to Patch 2.3.2 it required exactly two blue gems)

Socket bonuses can greatly influence your selection. However, in general
Runed Living Ruby > Potent Noble Topaz > Glowing Nightseye

Red: Runed Living Ruby (+9 Spell Damage)
Red: Runed Ornate Ruby (+12 Spell Damage) 8,100 honor points (unique)
Red: Don Julio's Heart (+14 spell damage) -- must be a jewel crafter
*Red/Yellow Potent Fire Opal (+6 Spell Damage, +4 crit) Heroic Crypts off Maladaar
Red/Yellow: Potent Noble Topaz (+5 damage, + 4 crit)
Blue Socket: Glowing Nightseye (+5 Spell Damage, +6 Stamina)
*Yellow/Blue: Rune Covered Chrysoprase (+5 crit, +2 mp5) Heroic Shadow Labs off Murmur
* Yellow/Blue: Radiant Chrysoprase (+5 crit, +5 spell penetration) Herioc Underbog
Yellow: Blood of Amber (+12 spell crit rating) -- must be a jewel crafter

* Heroic drop
Black Temple Gems
BLUE/RED: Glowing Shadowsong Amethyst +6 spell damage and +7 stamina
RED/YELLOW: Potent Pyrestone +6 spell damage, +5 spell crit
RED: Runed Crimson Spinel +12 spell damage

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#31 - 2008/03/03 12:24:49 PM
Very nice. Playing resto on my shammy currently but might re-spec at some point.
Adding this to the compilation sticky so that at least I can find it in the future :)