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#0 - 2007/02/27 09:25:33 AM
Greetings again fellow rogues,

I wanted to have a little TC session about the talent Vile Poison. Now I'm not going to be the one doing the crafting (I'm lazy like that, or stupid. You decide :p) However, in my constant search for the optimal PvE-Raid build I'm wondering if this talent is worth saccrificing a few points for.

Here's my current build:

And this is what I'm thinking of doing:

Now as you can see:
- 1 point from imp SnD (2/3 in new build)
- 2 points from Remorseless Attacks (gonna miss you! ;_;)
- 1 point from Imp. Evisc.
- 1 point from Lethality

These free points are then being put into Vile Poisons.

From all of these talents from which I stole the talent points, it's rumoured they add very little to your DPS, poisons however, add a great deal to your overall DPS (Did I read 7-15% somewhere?) So improving that damage could very well be a noticable boost to your DPS.

Damage on Deadly Poison: 180 over 12 sec.
180 * 5 (stacks) = 900 damage
900 damage *1.20 (20% from Vile Poisons Talent)= 1080 over 12 seconds.

So we could potentially have that ticking away.

Instant poison:

146 - 194 Nature damage instantly applied with a 20% flat chance to proc.

146 * 1.20 (again, talent 20%) = ~175
194 * 1.20 = ~233

Ending up with 175 - 233 instantly applied.

However, I do not know, with the 20% flat proc rate. (And let's take a 2.6 weapon speed for arguments sake) how that damage translates into DPS. (First question someone can answer perhaps?)

Then there's Envenom:

Normally doing a 1018 damage, negating armor so should always do just about this damage. However requiring 5 stacks of Deadly Poisons and 5 Combo Points to reach it max. potential.

So: 1018 * 1.20 = ~1222
Crit would be around 2444.

However, reading these forums, they also reportedly go for 3k and 3.2k (Can anyone confirm/explain that)

That would mean it would at least surpass the base damage of eviscerate (At the sacrifice of requiring more work to realise the max potential)

So, what are you guys thoughts on this.

Theorycraft away and lets keep it constructive please. My goal is to find out if Vile Poisons is a viable talent.



PS. Forgive any typos/completely idiotic mistakes. Just point them out and I'll edit my post.

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#12 - 2007/02/27 02:32:30 PM
I like this thread :)