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#1 - 2011/06/09 12:15:00 PM
In general, we don't set out to provide perfect itemization for every spec in every tier of items, however we try to not neglect anyone either. This sometimes results in situations where, say for example the mainhand slot, is easier to obtain for one spec over another. We have seen some comments from Enhancement Shaman about Nefarian's axe (Crul'korak, the Lightning's Arc) being a harder item to obtain for raiders than different spec counterparts.

While we don't go out of our way to make these differences, we are fine with them happening from time to time. In the above example with Nefarian's axe, we chose to go that route because historically, Nefarian also dropped a similar type axe in Blackwing Lair. We also like the idea of weapons being on an "end boss", as they generally are quite sought after items.

That said, Firelands will be dropping two weapons suitable for Enhancement Shaman that do not involve killing Ragnaros. One of these will even be able to drop from multiple bosses.