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#1 - 2011/06/08 06:35:00 PM
Hey. I have a friend who has a shaman, well had a shaman named Stormfuhrer. He's a nice guy and was using the word fuhrer in its actual literal German sense, meaning of which is Leader. Hence his name was "leader of the storm", pretty appropriate for a shaman.

Recently he had a forced name change, he had no issue with this. But just raised the matter with Blizzard anyways, wondering what the issue was.
We know it could be referenced back to WW2, but as fuhrer is still a word used in modern day Germany to mean Leader he didn't see the issue.

Blizzard wrote back to say that yes, the reasoning behind the forced name change is that people will associate it do what happened in WW2. And now my friend has a 7day ban.

This, to me, is utterly ridiculous for a number of reasons.

1. As stated already Fuhrer is a word still used by lots of people in current day Germany to mean Leader. You can't just go around banning the use of this word because one guy used it in a negative way. I'm sure H!tler used lots of German words in a derogatory manner. What are you going to do? Ban the whole language?

2. There is a whole quest chain in Uldum that is composed solely around WW2. During this Q chain I believe Commander Schnottz is even referred to AS Fuhrer. And thats using it in its actual WW2 term. My friend wasn't even doing that! Double standards much?

3. My friend was perfectly polite in his petition to Blizzard regarding his forced name change. He stated he didn't mind just wanted to further understand the reasoning behind it. This caused him to be Banned? So we can't ever question what Blizzard does? No matter how polite we may be whilst doing so? That seems totally fair.

I realise this is a sensitive subject. But this seems to entirely take things too far when you consider all the options. I make this forum post to see what you guys think. And to plea to Blizzard on behalf of my friend (and my guild who has lost our tank.) to reconsider this unnecessary ban.

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#106 - 2011/06/09 09:33:00 AM
Okay, I think this thread has run it's course.

@Leliya: We do not discuss warnings/suspensions here on the forums, especially not when they concern someone else's account. If you friend wishes to appeal the decision he'll need to contact

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