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#0 - 2007/07/10 05:56:19 PM
Hai fellow scumbags,

As everyone probaly has noticed we lose our stunlock capability's the higher stamina our opponents have. On top of that our fellow melee-fighters are simply better. Warriors are more mobile, they have plate ontop of their solid damage. I'm just stating what's already generaly known.

Thanks to the increased stamina stealth is used rarely, while it should be our class-divining ability.
The way it works now is simply craptastic. Stealth has so many ways to be broken it doesn't give us an edge, some rogues don't even use it and rush the opponents on their mount (arena).

Rank 1 AoE, Shouts, Faerie Fire, Dots, Bleeds, Farts, on top of Perception (eventho I have it myself), Paranoia, Detect Humanoids, Engineering-Goggles. All these spells for a stance we can only use twice if the opponent knowns what he's doing (keeping us in combat for example -_-). And most of the time just once (when we start in stealth) because vanish doesn't work.

My suggestion? Re-design stealth. Of course, this would also effect feral droods, but because they need the same buff in arena aswell, so it only seems fair to me.

Increase the speed of stealth to 140%, just like Ghostform and TravelForm (Droods), make it like Wind Walk from Warcraft 3, it seems unfair that we not only walk slower then our opponents while having so many positional attacks. We give up plate for a reason, we should be faster.

Now let us Stealth in combat. This would seem overpowered, but hear me out.

We would have 2 forms of Stealth, if we're out of combat we completely stealth, like we have now and turn invisible. But if we're in combat we would just fade, so our opponents can still see and attack us, but we won't lose stealth, we're just visible while maintaining the ability to use attacks that require Stealth.

This would fix soo many things, while not changing anything for PvE. Rank 1 AoEs, Shouts, Faerie Fire, Dots, Bleeds, Farts would only put us in the faded form of Stealth. Subtelty's specialization in openers would finally pay off. Shadowstep would be fixed, we'd become the most mobile meleers, like we should have been from the start.

Camouflage would need to be changed, -10% Received damage in Stealth (aswell in Faded form) or something. MoD would maybe be unnecessary, so make it grand a chance of returning to (invisible) Stealth, like 10%.

So, wadda ya think about it?

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#47 - 2007/07/11 02:17:52 PM
I changed the title of this thread because petition threads are not allowed, but Zechsy is not actually making a petition as she is asking for feedback from others on her own constructively worded ideas, we are all in favour of discussing ideas like this.