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#0 - 2006/11/20 08:08:51 PM
Before I start I wanna write how many characters I have:
level 60 priest - US
level 48 warrior - US
Level 60 druid - EU
Level 58 mage - EU
level 25 mage - EU

having leveled up so many characters, I've yet wanted to try one more class, rogue, the problem is, I'm facing so much trouble doing quests in trisifal glades solo! those are supposed to be the easy quests.

everytime there's 2 mobs on me, I'm dead, on my last mage I got polymorph incase i get attacked by 2 enemies, and frost nova to run away.
my damage output is pathetic, my backstab does 22 damage, on my mage fireball cast time was 1.5second and it does around 50 damage.

what am i doing wrong? are rogues supposed to be this much hard? i keep dying and honestly it's frustrating, I can't do yellow quests without dying a lot.

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#27 - 2006/11/21 10:16:55 AM
I played an ally rogue solo up to 22, and have to admit I felt a bit slow compared to other classes I have played. At the moment I am playing a horde rogue with a friend, level 37 as we speak. It's always insanely fast to level with someone else of course, but the spells and abilities you get after a while - zomg. It almost felt like Distract was cheating when I first learned it ;)

I don't know about combat vs dagger spec (feel free to enlighten me), me and my friend are both dagger specced and that works great for us (yes, we play on a PvP server, mwehehehe).

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#49 - 2006/11/21 01:05:11 PM
Q u o t e:
So the person posting stickies about our abilities have a lvl 37 rogue.
Thats tragicomedy on a very high level.

And why is that?