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#1 - 2011/04/01 08:44:00 AM
Hi all,

dont know if you have had the same problem as me but I've just ran out of macro slots on my lock and close with my druid

back in vanilla/tbc i had most of my abilities macro'd, same with my druid (i have a new account now so not the same char) especially for arena i wanted all my main skills within easy reach.

with the extra abilities we now have (my locks currently 81) i've simply run out of space.

all my bars are filled (im using bartender4 and 5 12 button bars, virtually all filled)

most of my keys around WSAD and the numbers are all bound obviously, and most of them have shift/alt modifier options against them too.

i.e. shadowbolt normal, shift: soulfire. create/use soul/healthstones, etc.. etc..

ideally i dont want to start over complicating my macro's (with the limited text space as well its difficult in itself) by adding ctrl/ablt/shift modifiers. 1 or 2 options is enough, but as said i've completely ran out of macro slots.

i dont know if bliz read this forum, or where i could suggest it, but i'd like to suggest increasing this allowance to bring it inline with the fact all classes have a lot more skills these days and a lot of the players are not 'clickers' and prefer to have as much bound as possible.

anyone else had this issue?

i had a quick look last night but only managed to delete 1. im going to have to start using my account level macro space for class specific spells and i dont want to have to do that (but i'll have to at this point)

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#4 - 2011/06/08 12:03:00 PM
Hi guys,

We just wanted to let you know that we plan to re-evaluate the number of macro slots available. Depending on the actual need for increasing the number of macro slots, we will look into what possibilities are available for doing so.