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#0 - 2006/12/07 08:56:02 PM
This message is a copy paste from the US forum, its's a well written entry about a situation that leaves a lot of rogues wondering. At the same time, it gives us a chance to show that we are not happy about the changes. Thanks to Neverus for writing the original post!:

I'll try to make this short and sweet. Please fix rogues.

1) DPS : We are a one-trick-pony DPS class that is being outdamaged
by people with range, armor/hp, pets, support abilities, spells... you name it.
As if this wasn't bad enough, the 2.0 patch seems to have BROKEN
many rogues. My DPS has literately been cut in half since the patch,
as you have seen reported in many posts now. Same gear, same
spec, same circumstances. I went out of my way to test it to assure
the validity of this comment. Something you did, broke us, and we're
so confused that some of us don't know what to say is broken. Some
rogues are doing more DPS, many are doing drastically less.

2) Talents : We were excited, then let down. Our talents in scale to
others are an utter depression. Those that did look remotely acceptable
are broken. Blade twisting procs more closely to 1% of melee swings,
and the " Cannot be dodged " 41 Combat talent tree point, Can in fact
be dodged. I tested it myself, PVE as well as PVP. We don't want to be
gods, we want our DPS. We are close range, crunchy DPS that cannot
keep up with the comfy ranged DPS anymore.

3) Skills : Vanish is still broken, as it can be seen through by pets,
and many NPC's. Additionally, Stealth's new animation is throwing
salt in the open wound you left in our faces. Additionally, the new +skill
system as well as the new resilience statistic is going to/is already
slaughtering the rogue templates built to your standards. I do not mean
to sound hostile, But this has become ridiculous.

4) Concept : Even we are confused. Rogues are in essence Zerglings,
low life, low armor, high melee damage. We get in the heat of battle where
it is most dangerous and lay the hurt down. Only, we don't. We're easily
outdamaged since the patch by classes with far more abilities then our
nerfed and meager DPS. If you want us to be a DPS / Stealth class, make
us one. Right now we're not DPS however, Not anymore.

5) Deficiencies : Crunchy, high DPS. Even if all of the abilities worked
properly, take this into consideration. Hunters have pets, Mail armor, range,
traps, And supportive abilities ; They come close to our DPS. Mages have CC,
Mild support, And hard DPS that rivals our own in range, As well as pets now.
Fury warriors rival our DPS with plate and a range of melee tricks. Warlocks,
well they deserved a little something. But Rogues are no longer THE DPS, as
their class type is supposed to be. We run in with leather, crunchy and fragile,
and burn our time away just trying to rival some of the above mentioned, with
the differance that we do not have mail, or plate. We do not have support, or
any real CC that is welcome in end game. We have DPS, that is it, and frankly
that one toy we have, isn't remotely to scale with what all the other children have
acquired ( Christmas gifts included. )

6) Resilience : Most rogues are based upon critical strikes to stabilize high
end DPS. This ability, therefor, is the brick wall we are to run into. What DPS
we have is about to be compromised, when we are struggling to maintain
balance as it is.


I don't want to be godly. I just want what we are meant to do, DPS.
We are now broken, and even before that we did not scale properly.
New talents, even if they all worked, do not scale to efficiency unless
BC holds some sort of gear that intends to return balance.

With upcoming Resilience, We'll be harder off than ever to push out
stable high end DPS. I don't want to spend the next month to TBC
broken, waiting for the expansion patch to fix us again. I don't want
to reroll into some sub-standard desire class. I just want to do what
it is you made us to do.

Some of us are happy, some of us aren't broken. I am.

If you're not happy, If you're broken, Reply /sign.

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#234 - 2006/12/08 03:21:14 PM
An interesting read, but sign/petition posts is not bringing anything but spam to a thread or forum. Please refrain from such (but please feel free to repost the original post, without the /sign request).