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#0 - 2006/12/13 11:18:09 PM
The electronic signatures on this post are the signatures of those individuals who feel that the rogue class has been weakened in a number of ways. Hopefully with enough signatures we will be able to finally make the consumer's voice heard to Blizzard.

Please sign below if you feel that the Rogue class has been nerfed (made weaker) to a ridiculous point since the most recent patch.


Q u o t e:
Hey Blizzard,

We demand answers already! The patch totaly screwed rogue class and you have no honor to even say a word?? Would you please stop droolingly gaze into the pile of dollars we pay you every month and do some WORK to deserve it a bit?

Me (and thousands more rogues) are asking WHAT happened with our abilities?

WHY our ambush crits for 1100-1200 after the patch instead of 1900-2000 as before?

WHY our backstabs crit for merely 1000 when they did for 1500 before the patch?

WHY vanish can't be used to get us our of druid roots after we are affected by fairy fire?? WHAT was the
problem with vanish doing so before?

HOW come druids OUTMELEE us in direbear form?

WHY its okay for a hunters, locks, mages to dish out 4000 damage in 4 seconds from 35+ yards but our DPS gets nerfed?

WHY our stuns are annoying as all knows FEAR rules all battlegrounds??

WHY spells rank 1 which we SHOULD resist, but we don't, brings us out fo stealth? They do even when we (well, almost never) resist them?? How is that balance???

Druid ravage crits me for 1950! My ambush crits him for 1100. Druid shred crits me for 1500. My backstab crits him for 1050! EXPLAIN please?

I hit paladin for 1 (yes, 1 damn hit points) and rarely for 7-10, 50+. I crit him for 150-200. My backstab crits him (if any) for 700. He TWOSHOTS me for less than 3 seconds!!

Mutilate usualy do not crit and does 500-700 damage! Rarely one weapon crits to make it 800ish. If both crits thats 1200 rarely more. Both weapons crits in less than 5% cases??? This is absurd for a 41 point talent!

EXPLAIN already the reasons for our idiotic cooldowns! You are telling me that Iceblock, huner feign death and traps, deadcoil, fear, priest shield, Fireballs for over 3k are LESS dangerous??? Or mortal strike for 1500??

WHY blind still needs expensive reagents???? Why scatter shot doesnt?? Why frost nova doesnt? Why fear doesn't??

WHY was imp. kidney shot nerfed last patch from 14s to 20s cooldown, replaced by totally useless mechanic??

WHY after 2.0 patch my crit chance went from nearly 26% down to 24.8% ??

WHY I am not critting for the HALF of those 24% ??


To all that say my gear is crap - no its better than T2, Perdition and Fang of the Faceless. 935 attack power!


To all that say, "l2play" or crap like this: You guys are hilarious! Do you really makes you feel like heroes when you come and start bragging that you pwnzors everyone, and you feel great, everything is fine, you rock, you kill everyone because you are skilled to the max ninjas?? No, dudes, .. you are just kids with too much wet dreams!


To all that are going to say "my damage was buffed": please realize that for many of you for example seal fate is a new talent and of course, the amount of combo points you get now is no match for what you had before. Also, the rogues with poor gear or so ... it is possible for you to feel improvement. I do not know. May be there are BUGS in this patch (Blizzard, do you even suspect your software is really messed up and bugged to the dome?) that reflects in total dps decrease in some cases and some slight increase in others .. who knows .. (I doubt blizzard knows either).


To all that will say: rogues are fine, we got cool talents. Dont be sheep people! Look what other classes got and then think again. Too bad that most of you dont know the game well enough to be able to judge other classes and global balance!


To all that will say "cry more noob", "cloack of shadows pwnzors", etc. I wish you grow in good health, finish schools successfuly and find a good job. After few years, that is ...


Few new abilities/skills your lame designers might consider (I know, I know they never read users stuff):

Finisher: Heals 100 hit points for every combo point on target. cost 60 energy!
Finisher: Opens a shield for 6sec that absorbs up to 200 damage per combo point from a next attack. 30 sec cooldown. Cost 60 energy!
Action: Consumes crippling poison on the target rooting it to place for 6 sec and awarding 1 cp. 60 energy. 30 sec cooldown. (root like druids roots, ie. caster can keep casting).
Finisher: Silencing the target got 0.5 sec per combo point. 100 energy. 20 sec cooldown


To ALL rogues. Dudes, stop mooing already! Put some pressure and Blizzards' designers. Its obvious they are totaly CLUELESS about this class and their own game! By the way, anyone knows any good MMRPG to be released soon??


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#41 - 2006/12/15 01:18:39 PM
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