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#0 - 2006/11/29 08:51:28 PM
Hello, i just made a rogue and i whould like to know wich profession will help me more?

Herb/Alch or Mining/Engeneering , ive used Engineering before but i've never had Alchemy higher than around skill 40, so i whould like to know wich one will be better,

both in pve and pvp

Edit: Not this character ... i deleted this one

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#4 - 2006/11/29 03:03:59 PM
If you are planning on raiding, having the teleporter to Gadgetzan is really nice for when you want to do AQ20/40. Or if you want to go to Silithus for any other reason. It can be quite a long flight otherwise. I'm a huge fan of engineering myself.