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#0 - 2006/11/22 03:57:07 PM
Could someone please give me some advice,

I have a level 30 rogue (won't let me post on it) and im having so much trouble leveling up! i mean i grinded from 29-30 and im at the point where it knocks me sick to do that over and over again.
Does anyone have some solid advice on what to do, i seem to have this problem everytime i hit 30 and i can't remember what i did last time.

Thanks alot

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#14 - 2006/11/22 07:11:55 PM
Around that level, I spent several hours in the cave in Thousand Needles with all the harpies. Very good xp and you earn a lot of money as well. I remember having enough gold for my mount already at level 35.