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#0 - 2007/04/12 11:57:56 PM
Well i belive it is true, they are better rogues then us rogues, jeei we can picklocks and vanish, yeah and poison, but thy have a free backstab ( omen of clarity) and that happens often, they dont need to build correctly to have a good stealth, and they can take heavy of damage, pluss they can just stun you and jump out and heal and last of all we have dual wield, but they have 1.00 speed -.- .... im not saying that feral druids are impossible, just that its unfair that they are Better or at least as good rogues as the rogue class... its sad..

Hybrid classes should be a bit of every class, not 3 entire class types, ( warrior Caster healer and rogue)

im sure we have all seen 1k moonfire spam ( not crits) bears with infinate hp and armor and 3 backstabs in a row....( omen of clarity gives you a free attack of your wish, and it procks often due to their 1.00 speed)

Now dont flame me, just help me reflect, arent they still a bit overpowered?

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#74 - 2007/04/18 08:26:25 PM
Closing this thread as it is getting out of hand.

Please try to avoid turning threads into flamewars in the future.

thank you.