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#0 - 2006/09/12 03:14:32 PM
Ffs you guys got HUGE BOOST with BC:

Lightwell: -2min CD...WTF?!Every priest that I know has this spell.It was imba before and now just more imba!Just put it and watch pr0n that's what all priests do when raiding!Whereas we warlocks have to use different spells and concentrate on bosses like mad!

Shades of Darkness:GG priests I rolled lock just to have COOL pets!Now you guys got them gg..

Prayer of Mending:Another ez-mode spell for priests...

Binding Heal:I just can't believe it now how we supposed to kill 2 priests in 2 shot!NERF!

In conclusion,stop whining priests your class got a big BOOST in BC!Only class has right to whine is warlocks ;(( /emo


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#5 - 2006/09/12 03:41:39 PM
I see no reason why this thread should not be locked :-)