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#1 - 2011/05/31 02:04:00 PM
So i spend evry bg trying to get random 10year olds to keep towers+galv up for the achievement ''frostwolf perfection''.. I JUST FINALLY HIT IT AlL TOWERS + CAPTAIN UP WITH THEIRS DOWN!


To my great suprise the GMs didnt do jack about it again so il have to do it again.. i probs will just give up on battlemaster..

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#7 - 2011/06/03 09:02:00 AM
Unfortunately, the in-game support team were not able to verify your eligibility for the achievement. The issue is currently under investigation and we apologise for any inconvenience it causes you.

However, this is no excuse for the language and bad attitude and therefore I will be locking this post now. Please think more before posting here in the future rather than pointlessly lashing out inappropriately.