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#0 - 2006/11/03 02:47:12 PM
So, why is it that priests dont get +dmg on their equipment? Yes we are healers but it kind of ruins the content of the people who want to play a dmg dealer on their priests...i mean thats what shadowform is for.
All the tier equipment is only +healing. Did the developers forget that priests can actually dps too!?

Why would a warlock get +dmg and +healing on the same item, yet NOT the priest, who actually uses +healing and +dmg alot more than the warlock will ever use that +healing.

Even if you go full shadow, you dont heal very well....AND you dont dps very well because you only have +healing equipment? Not fair i say.... its racism torwards shadow priests i tell you!

Plz fix, kthx.
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#23 - 2006/11/03 03:32:36 PM
Wouldn't that be, in fact, classism?