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#0 - 2007/10/19 02:02:40 PM
just a thought but what if when power word sheild is activated it stops all crowd controll abiltys on the user.

edit why power world sheild as a anti cc would be usefull and not over powered

you forget, power word sheild is easerly dispellable, also the only one that would benifit from this buff is holy priests really as you would need alot of + healing to make the sheild last more then 2 or 3 hits

the sheild would be good as it stops 1 shot opernings or cc operners such as pounce, it can be used as a escape method and in raids prehaps priests would be more usefull as now there sheild stops the main tank getting mind controlled, feared or what ever this would also give holy priests a bit more utility.

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#246 - 2007/11/30 12:43:39 PM
While the Steve thread serves a purpose, i.e. welcoming a new player and discussing naming conventions (tenuous, yes, but a purpose nonetheless) and it is largely positive, this, on the other hand, is just off topic spam.

And so, the legend of the clueless dwarf draws to an end.*

*Clueless dwarf here referring to the text - not any particular dwarven individual living or dead.