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#0 - 2008/01/27 04:36:21 PM
Oh, i forgot, as a shadow priest you can't kill a rouge. Kick, shadowstep, cheat death, 8 SEC STUN, CoS, blind, sap, gouge, poisons, awesome damage and so the list goes on and on.
Fear? Nope, trinket.
Shield? down in 2 sec
Dot? nope CoS

Plz someone! Nerf rouges.
No class have this amazing ability to sneak up behind and keep the target CC:d for 8sec while not losing mana or health. Recently i was killed by a rouge while 4 other people was dpsing him. I cant really see how that is possible. He didnt have full venge/merci just some parts and i dont think any other class can do that. Rouges have always been overpowered and a pain in the ass for alot of classes. I wonder when the day with a rouge that is equal to the rest of our classes. Probobly not.

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#51 - 2008/01/29 06:39:38 PM