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#0 - 2007/12/30 09:58:50 PM
To all you Casual Ret players.

To all you Headless Horseman Helm weares.

To all you S1 weapon without an enchant Ret players.

To all you Ret paladins playing at 1400-1500.

To all you paladins in lammellar set but yet Retspec.

To all of those you take the lore a little TOO serious

To all of those who belive that 1v1 is what wow is all about.

To all of those who just cant understand how FLAWED your spec is.

Retribution PVP is not ok.

Stop posting how GREAT your paladin does in Battlegrounds where no one targets you, manaburns you, or even know you exist.

Stop Posting that ret is fine in arenas if you cant even pass 1520.

Stop Posting that everything is fine, move on.

Ret is by far, ok.

The dev's picked up a interactiveless spec, and jugged it an instant attack every 6 seconds, that makes a spec by far ok. The spec itself needs a spell interrupt, healing debuff, and so much more, to even BE considered ACETABLE in higher brackets.

We are , the only melee class without any of the following:

Healing debuff
Snare( DONT EVEN say joj)

And the only meleee Mana user class without:

Mana regen During battles (making us last up to 1:30 minutes, tops, this without manaburn)

This, can also be due to the fact that ret was shaped to make it fit the pretbc paladin, where in the same gear we could heal, burst down people, and still have enough mana to give around Free Packs of Redbull.

Now, with Season 3 upon us?

0 Spelldmg, 7k mana pool, max.

3 heals, thats all we can give out, to have enough mana to last at least 1 minute.

And how much will they heal?

not over 6.5k, and they will take 7.5 seconds to be delivered.

Now, put healing debuffs on who we are healing.

1 single dps class can outdps our heals, so we wasted our mana, and our partners dead. wee.

My point?

Reverse the Crusader strike change.
And give us AP-Spelldamage.

Damage scaling.....fixed.

Ive had a enh shaman heal himself up full with 2 healing waves last arena. How i wish i woundlt take 4-5 to heal myself, or my partner up.

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#109 - 2008/01/04 01:31:38 PM
Closing this flamewar before anyone gets hurt in real life.

Please keep a more civil tone in future threads.