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#0 - 2007/10/12 02:49:10 PM
It's sad to see that so many paladins got temporary/permanent bans following the events of yesterday. It's ridiculous how people like Cromfel and Halmir, some of the biggest contributers of these forums, authors of numerous posts with blue tags, get discarded the moment they put their foot down and refuse to be treated as 3rd class players in a game for which we all pay a monthly fee.

This could/would have been avoided if all promisses made by Blizzard devellopers/representatives were fulfilled. These people were just showing their displease for your poor/unexisting costumer service who seems to treat ret paladins worse and worse as the months go by. Yet, hough these heroes have fallen, others shall rise and will continue the fight. We wil not stop posting the the shamefull truth as long as we are not treated the same as every other paying costumer!

If 2.3 goes live as it is now, if all the promisses that were made are forgotten, I can see hell breaking loose on these forums. There is no kind of ban that will keep you free of the Vengeance of the retribution paladins. There is still time, if as many changes go into 2.3 as 1.9 then there's a chance retribution will be fixed. If not, our own retribution will be swift and merciless.

The fallen will not be forgotten!

(here follows a list of those who fell to be updated as I know of more)
Nimrodiel(permanent ban)
Dullface(permanent ban)
Fidgetx(permanent ban)
Pylon(permanent ban)
Hélios(permanent ban)
Fluffypally(permanent ban)
Snowbell(permanent ban)
Aldoral(permanent ban)
Terrahero(permanent ban)
Shivan(permanent ban)
Heldamon(permanent ban)
Veroni(permanent ban)
Mulladin(permanent ban)
Dialos(permanent ban)

"Esarus thar no Darador - By blood and honor we serve."
"You were the right hand of justice and virtue, old friend. Your name will be honored in our halls always."

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#92 - 2007/10/12 07:43:54 PM
As Drysc and Naethera pointed out in the US, we have clearly noted the colourful feedback of the paladin class to these changes.
I'd like to reiterate that the T in PTR stands for Test and no change is final or complete until it goes to the live servers. I fully expect there to be a good many more changes implemented for many classes thanks to player feedback and testing on the PTR.

The most effective reasoning for paladins who want to see threat reduction will be to go on the test realm, try it out, over aggro your socks off and show that Threat Reduction is needed. (Just not yet because too many people are trying to get on at the moment (hopefully to do just that) and the queue can't handle it, sorry *sheepish*).

I do have to point out though that breaking the rules on the forums is not tolerated, no matter how justified you feel a complaint may be or how righteous a cause, the rules are there to protect the forum environment for everyone, and spam attacks like what we saw last night make the forums unusable.

Just for the record, by the way. Neither Cromfel nor Halmir were involved in the spamming.

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#105 - 2007/10/12 07:58:36 PM
I can't discuss any acts of moderation on these public forums I'm afraid. Such things are between the account holder and ourselves.

If anyone of your friends feels that the suspension on their account was unfair, please ask them to contact us through our webform:

We are, after all, human beings, and dealing with this sort of situation has the potential to possibly lead to some errors. We would never ban someone arbitrarily though, there is always a reason and a record.