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#0 - 2007/10/17 12:29:47 AM
Seriously. Shut the Hell up, ungrateful %@#%#es.

We post for days on end, for months for a threat reduction talent and we get it. Then you get some whiny little !@*###%s come along who come up with the "BUT FSF NWO WE CENT TAANK :(:(:((" excuse.

This is what all non-Paladins were saying. You DO want it all. You want everything. Seriously this is such bull*@#%. Finally we get threat rection, finally get we 6sec CS, finally we get 30second Vengeance, finally we get more abilities to help us in PvP and you come here and have the !#@*ing cheek to whine about tanking?

The pure classes were right. You are selfish. You cannot have it all. They may have been wrong about us wanting Rogue-like damage but in essence what they said was true. You want it all.

I'm tired of braindead idiots who come here with every whine in existence. Breaking news guys: You're retards! Get over it. You can't have everything in 1 tree. You spec Ret, you lose the ability to tank well by taking the threat reduction and in turn you are allowed to dish out better damage. DIAF if you think we should be able to tank, offtank, whatever.

To those who are happy like me.. Well. It's been a long time coming and we finally got something. If this holds up I will be very happy with the class as a whole.

I just had to post this, sorry. I saw those stupid "fsf want 2 taank azwel plz" posts and just got so angry. How can you even think about tanking in the Ret tree, even with a gear change? Just keep quiet and keep it to yourself if you're secretly wanting it all. Those who are happy, like me, can sit here knowing we have something that we wanted after a very long time of waiting for it.

For the Silver Hand! ;)

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#296 - 2007/10/17 06:16:36 PM
Let's try and keep the profanity down a bit, guys. Please?