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#0 - 2007/08/12 06:37:48 AM
I hear and read many times by paladins that if they had a chance to change something in our talent trees/talents, redoubt would be in their first choices. I'm curious to ask all of you if you realy know all the aspects that talent can be useful. Do you know?

First of all many of you will think that it just helps for tanking, some of you just for tanking but not good enough.

Also retribution paladins have to say that both tier1 protection talents are useless for their builds. And that is true. So they believe a change on redoubt or improved devotion aura will be good. Holy paladins just don't care since as some of them say, they just heal. Since lots protection paladins are not satisfied with both of protection tier1 talents, both of them are candidate for change.

And i come here, a holy paladin with build 44/17/ 0, to express my opinion about redoubt. I realized back to 2.0 patch, that when completely block the damage value of Pummel, Shield Bash, Hamstring, Gouge, Kick etc, i prevent the apply of the secondary effect of all those abilities (And is very easy to completely block those damages, because i wear plate and my shield can have more than 100 block value). What i say? I say that with my shield can avoid interrupts in my heals, like Pummel, Shield Bash, Hamstring, Gouge, Kick etc. Redoubt procs often and when it procs i have 5+30=35% block chance. Pretty good, especialy for the arena when rogues and warriors sticks all the time on me.


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#23 - 2007/08/13 04:19:51 PM
A discussion very similar to this is ongoing in our stickies at the moment.

I know at lot of people blank out the sticky posts (heck, I do it from time to time!) so here's the links:

I think you'll find that there is plenty of debate and room for more.