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#0 - 2007/09/03 02:58:33 PM
I cant believe we came to this i play many years now to see this .

Blizzard made us the most useless specc there is .

I go to arenas i die i can see i have less burst damage than an arms warrior or maybe most classes i have less resilience than most classes i dont got the best health i got the worst survivability.

In pve i got the worst dps and the bigest agro problem than all other classes.

In grinding my mana is over very fast and i need to pay a lot of gold not only to buy water because you can find a mage to help but also with plate i got the bigest repair bills.

So right now i am the worst specc there is in warcraft so why i exist?

I am getting mocked everyday i can remember not only horde to make fun of me, killing me even with the gear i got but also alliance the known to many LOLRETRINOOB.Ppl that dont know me as a player, ppl that dont know me as a human being laugh at me cause i got this specc.

I go to duel and i cant beat anyone that knows the basic of his class while i try my best and doing everything needed .

So i ask why ? I am paying blizzard to have fun 2.5 years now and i cant have fun i cant do nothing and instead of them fixing instantly the chaos they brought they have as waiting with rumours so we pay them a bit more before we stop playing Because the buff comming in 2 patches and the next patch nerf us more .
So what will stay to us in next patch? Why we sould continue to play retri or why we sould continue to pay so we get mocked ? So ppl disrespect us with no reason? So ppl ignore us ?
Where is the paladin concept ?

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#158 - 2007/09/05 02:11:23 PM
Words can be powerful tools if used correctly.

The word racism is thrown around a lot in online communities and often it is not in the correct context.
Some people simply do not fully understand the meaning of the word, and others are well aware of it and are using it for impact.

The truth is, using the word "racism" or "racist "in any context, genuine or not, will inevitably cause certain people to react in a certain way. For that reason alone, when you use these words as part of your argument, you will rarely, if ever, end with a valid and well thought out conversation.

Getting back to the point of the thread:
This thread is the OP's opinion. It shows no real evidence to support the claims being made and no suggestions about how to resolve the suggested problems.