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#0 - 2007/09/05 02:25:57 PM
some guy made this thread

and got locked as it was badly worded and resulted in flamewars, etc. It was a thread regarding the discrimination against retribution paladins which is a fact.
"Loladins cant dps", "Your job is to heal" are common expresnsions said to retadins all over the globe.

Now Tharfor, a Blizzard poster, writes when he locks said thread:
Q u o t e:

Getting back to the point of the thread:
This thread is the OP's opinion. It shows no real evidence to support the claims being made and no suggestions about how to resolve the suggested problems.

orly? dont u play the game? What evidence do you need to realize that Retribution Paladins are being mocked about their spec ? You need srceenshots? You need movies ? Please tell us, and we will gladly give you.

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#5 - 2007/09/05 07:39:14 PM