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#0 - 2007/11/28 12:46:01 PM
Specially after new CS is introduced, SoB paladins will be breaking 2000 dps barrier. Should I dare to say they will do it easily. What will Blizzards reaction be? It will be nerf, big nerf. But what they nerf? It will be both Alliance and Horde Paladins. The design changes will push SoB out of boundaries. And as Blizzard have done before, they nerf both sides. Even if SoC does not have synergy with chain heroism, haste potions and windfury.

I am disapointed by our class gear and CS being designed for 100% hand2hand with SoB. Something like this should have never happened as Damodred mentioned in hes post. Didnt they learn from their rather disastrous mistakes before? It is replicating again. And Alliance Paladins who have nothing to do with it will get nerfed also. I hate how well it works, because I know the inevitable.

Dont get me wrong, I dont want anyone to be nerfed to obvlivion. But as we can not be equal Paladins in this current state, due SoB and how it works, we will both receive nerfbat.

I hate to be right, I hope to be wrong.

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#45 - 2007/11/28 05:02:34 PM
Even if this thread wasn't intended as a call for nerfs, the wording of it will encourage nerf callers.