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#0 - 2007/10/17 11:51:07 PM
Suggestion forum:

Below is my post in the suggestion forum. For some reason I'm hoping that I get all the support possible from every class in-game. I'm not planning on accepting everything they throw at us, and the least I'm hoping to get is a blue response on why this change was necessary.

Oh, and ofcourse I hope you agree with me aswell...

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Statement: Hypothermia is fine.

Patch 2.3 looked like it would become a miracle, deleting our 10% damage tax and making our barriers stack with spelldamage. Until the moment they announced that iceblock, once more, is getting nerfed. Now don't get me wrong, I'm used to adapt and it's definitely not the problem that I don't like changes, but this nerf came out of nowhere.

Back when double iceblocking was possible we had a nerf thread every now and then, but since we got hypothermia I never heard anyone bothering. We mages learned to adapt, and still got our situations where we are waiting for the last seconds to iceblock again, but that makes it a bit interesting. Right now, it's perfect. Not too long, not too short. You can sit in there a couple of seconds, then it's dispelled, but you can, most of the time, continue fighting. But my humble opinion is that 45 seconds is too much. Even IF we manage to stay in there for the full duration, we still need to survive 35 more seconds, making us a lot easier prey than we are right now.

Bothersome is also, that we're a cooldown dependent class. We need all our cooldowns most of the time, sometimes even twice, for example against a well-geared and properly specced warlock (no call for a nerf!). Not only is it wrong that we need all our cooldowns, even twice, but it's even worse to not LET us compete with a certain class by giving us another handicap.

The only thing I'm trying to achieve is that we can keep our 30 sec hypothermia. And I ask everyone of you, from every class, to give your honest opinion about iceblock and hypothermia. And I'm sure, a lot of people really don't have to see this change go live.

Thank you, I hope the wall of text didn't kill you.

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#18 - 2007/10/18 03:50:26 PM
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They locked it without saying a word, rofl.

That really says something about blizzard.

Sorry, on the forums we sometimes rely on other players to point out flagrant infractions of the forum guidelines. Petition threads do, in our experience, generally fail to contribute meaningful discussion and usually end in a mess of spam and quotes. We'd rather players talk about Hypothermia than make petitions.

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“Petition” posts are frowned on

This is a discussion forum. Petition threads do not contain much discussion – instead, a petition is usually page after page of “/signed.” This is not constructive. If you have an issue with the game, please discuss it in a civil fashion. There are other places on the internet to form online petitions.