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#0 - 2007/10/26 12:24:50 AM
Since MSD (Mystical Skyfire Diamond) is recieving the Axe in 2.3, I started searching for good replacements. While searching, this first post have changed a bit. I will try to update it with all useful information, and with all attractive gems availible.

What gem will YOU be using in patch 2.3 (both in PvE and PvP gear. Why will you be using that gem? Discuss in this thread, and help your fellow mages, (me among them) to do the "perfect choice" of their Meta Gem slot.

These are the gems and the useful comments about them that so far have been discussed in the thread:

Mystical Skyfire Diamond
Chance on spellcast - next spell cast in half time

COMMENTS: This gem is the reason this thread exists. It currently gives you 5% chanse to get a spell off in half its usual casttime. It wil in patch 2.3 be changed. The new stats are: 15% procc chance, and a 45 sec internal CD to prevent it from proccing a lot in quick succession.
This change is considered a nerf of them gem. And the question is if it still will be good enough, and worthy to be in our S3 Helmets. (Or S2 for that matter)
Another change that is beeing made, a change that buffs this gem, is that it will work on Evocation. Making you do your evocation in 4 sec. Really nice for us PvPers, since Evocation (from our PoV) will be buffed. (Sorry for you raiders here)

Insightful Earthstorm Diamond (IED)
+12 Intellect & Chance to restore mana on spellcast

COMMENTS: Rated Useless by a lot. The procc chance is only 2%, so lets say you only get it once per Arena Battle. That would give you 480 mana in total, (considering it has intellect to start with also)
480 Mana is generally crap, just remember that if you go OOM just before you were about to win, those 480 may be the last you need. Anyway, many ppl dotn value this mana boost very highly.
This gem has NO HIDDEN CD however, so lucky streaks can happen.

Swift Starfire Diamond
+12 Spell Damage and Minor Run Speed Increase

COMMENTS: A "common" +dmg gem that enables you to skip the run speed on your boots, giving you +3 stamina. (going from 9 sta /speed to 12 sta on the boots).
Since we are talking about the Meta gem slot, many players want some unique ability from their gem. This one is not unique, dmg gems are common (red) and the speed can be given from boots.

Powerful Earthstorm Diamond
+18 Stamina & 5% Stun Resist

COMMENTS: This will still be a good gem. And those that focus everything on stamina will want it. However, at some point, stamina is not as valuable anymore. When you are above 10k, another 180 HP wont make that much of a difference. Its the same reasoning as with the Swift Starfire Diamond. We want a special Meta, stamina can be attained in all other slots.
Then there is the 5% stun resist. But I have the feeling that this wont gain us mages that much. A) We cant stack stun resist in any other way (like priests can) And B) We usually blink out of a dangerous stun (by force of habit) And this could happen even if the stun was resisted (we reacting to the attack, and not the effect) Last: its only 5%...

Chaotic Skyfire Diamond. (CSD)
+14 Spell Crit Rating +3% Critical dmg.

COMMENTS: This is the new Meta Gem from Patch 2.3 It will require exactly 2 Blue gems to be used (no more, no less). From a PvE point of view, this gem will propably be better then MSD. There are calculations and therycrafting that says so atleast (some found in this thread)
Those who really focus on doing dmg will want this for PvP as well.
Some, me among them, have doubts that this will be the best Meta gem. Mages have so many other tasks in an Arena, Sheeping as an example, where +3% critical dmg is worth nothing.

EDIT: Changed the topic name to better reflect the threads contents.

EDIT 2: Heavily remade this first post to give an overview of what this thread is about.

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#34 - 2007/11/19 05:14:48 PM
I wanted to blue-tag this thread as a nice overview of the meta-gems for mages.

It should also be noted that the Chaotic Skyfire Diamond will be changed in an upcoming patch to require "at least 2 blue gems", not "exactly 2 blue gems". We'll also be taking a look at any other gems that have an "exactly" requirement and will most likely be changing those as well.