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#1 - 2011/05/18 05:16:00 PM
Tired of my 85s being at the bottom. Is this possible?

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#7 - 2011/05/18 05:32:00 PM
05/18/2011 10:16 AMPosted by Aquyiä
Is this possible?

Not currently, but it will be soon. It's a feature we're planning to release with patch 4.2. :)

If you haven't yet, you may want to hop onto the 4.2 PTR to test it out. While there are still some lingering issues with saving rearranged characters lists on the PTR at the moment, you can probably still get a feel for how the new functionality will work once it's live.

I'd recommend checking out the PTR patch notes, too ( There's a lot of new content coming that you might want to read about and possibly provide feedback on in our PTR forum.

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#50 - 2011/05/19 04:54:00 PM
05/18/2011 02:42 PMPosted by Arche
"Yep, it rearranges my characters."

What something does (the result) and how something works (the process) are often two very different things. You might test out the feature on the PTR, for example, and think that the method for rearranging and/or saving your character list order feels somewhat janky. That's still good feedback for us to hear, even if you like the overall outcome.

05/18/2011 04:19 PMPosted by Hortitsa
Just out of curiosity, because I have never done it, how do you "hop on the PTR?"

The PTR is actually a separate client that you install on your computer (it runs independently of your normal WoW client). Sapperwix created a pretty comprehensive FAQ over in our PTR forum that should walk you through the entire process for getting started:

Q. Where can I find a great guide to getting onto the PTR?
A. Player Kaydeethree has written an excellent step-by-step guide and posted it on the WowWiki.

Q. Will installing the PTR have any effect on my live wow client?
A. No. The PTR installs as its own version and will be located inside the WoWtest folder inside of your World of Warcraft directory.

Q. Where do I download the PTR from?
A. From the Public Test realm download page. Be sure to select PC or Mac depending on your operating system.

As for characters, you can usually create a character from scratch, copy over one of the characters on your account, or use a pre-made character. It really depends on if the Character Copy feature is available during a specific PTR testing phase ( :)

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#51 - 2011/05/19 04:59:00 PM
05/18/2011 03:57 PMPosted by Nexxa
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